ILC (I-1) Suit

The I-1 space suit assembly is one of three different configuration baseline advanced space suit assemblies that serve as mobility joint technology test beds for conducting and assessing various test subject pressurized comparative performance task activities. This particular prototype space suit assembly is a configuration that incorporates a limited number of rotary bearing elements in the overall mobility joint system. Bearings are utilized only in the shoulder, upper arm and hip areas of the suit configuration. The basic torso area of the suit is fabric as well as are the joint elements incorporated in the shoulder between the shoulder and upper arm bearings, including the elbows, waist, lower hip area, knees and ankle joints. The suit is designed for 3.75 psi operating pressure for conducting pressurized mobility studies. The suit assembly provides the necessary interfaces for communications, breathing and ventilation gas supply, and for the test subject worn liquid cooling garment that removes metabolic generated body heat. The suit incorporates a horizontal, mid-body closure ring for donning and doffing operations. Additional ancillary items that are representative of an extravehicular configured space suit that would be part of the suit ensemble would include the extravehicular visor assembly, the outer layer thermal and micrometeoriod protective cover garment, protective over-boots and gloves. The current prototype I-1 suit assembly weighs 65 lbs, exclusive of the above mentioned ancillary hardware items.

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