Johnson Space Center
Johnson Space Center (JSC) is the United State's National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) primary center for Human Space Flight. It is located just south of Houston, Texas; and is the home of NASA's mission control, astronaut training and selection, and life-support engineering. Here I just have a few links for those interested in finding out more about JSC.

NASA Human SpaceFlight
This site has all of the offical information on current space shuttle and internation space station missions and locations. It also has a history Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Skylab missions.

JSC Education Homepage
For all students, from elementary, to high school summer interns to senior co-ops in college, grad. students to researchers: this site is the index of hundreds of educational opportunities at JSC. It's worth a look.

Space Center Houston
While you need to be a badged government employee to access most of JSC, Space Center Houston is a visitor's center right next to the site with three different guided tours of JSC. From here you can see the Saturn V Rocket, Redstone rocket and Big Joe Rocket at Rocket Park, a I-MAX movie theater, gift shop and many displays about the manned space flight program. I recommend seeing JSC during its annual Open House Weekend, it's cheaper and more of the center is open. But if you can't get here then, Space Center Houston is the only legal way to get on-site and see what goes on here!

Space Development Web Ring
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